Pedestrian Accidents

Chad Horowitz is a well-respected Florida pedestrian accident attorney providing stellar representation to victims who sustained injuries as a result of a pedestrian accident. Having successfully handled thousands of pedestrian accident claims, Mr. Horowitz is THE ONE YOU WANT to represent you if you were injured anywhere in the state of Florida.

Pedestrian accidents are a common fact of life throughout the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that a pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes. Accidents kill a pedestrian every 109 minutes. Almost 5,000 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic crashes in 2009 alone. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are but one aspect of the larger set of problems relating to travel and road safety. Some of the most common causes of automobile-pedestrian accidents include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Public intoxication
  • Traffic congestion
  • Speeding in residential areas
  • Failing to yield
  • Poorly timed signals
  • Lack of crossing devices
  • Sidewalk capacity
  • Width of roads
  • Pedestrian jaywalking
  • Midblock or intersection crossing
  • Standing between parked cars

Because of their minimum visibility and maximum exposure, pedestrians suffer very serious injuries, even in slow-moving collisions. The impact of steel on skin can result in cuts, bruises, lacerations, broken bones and teeth, and sometimes death. While unsafe pedestrian behavior accounts for some accidents, many others are caused by negligent driving. At-fault drivers are liable for any injuries caused by their negligence, including medical bills, lost income, and other damages arising from the accident.

Florida laws define pedestrian as “any person afoot.” Pedestrians are not allowed to walk along any portion of a roadway paved for vehicular traffic. Those who cross at any point other than an intersection crosswalk must yield to all vehicles on the roadway. According to the Florida Statutes, no pedestrian should suddenly leave a place of safety and run into the path of a vehicle that is “so close,” it is impossible for the driver to yield.

Florida drivers, in turn, have a duty to stop at a crosswalk and permit pedestrians to cross. Any vehicles approaching from the rear “shall not overtake and pass” the stopped vehicle while the pedestrian is crossing. According to the Florida Statutes, drivers emerging from an alley, building, private road, or driveway shall stop the vehicle prior to entering traffic, yielding to all pedestrians who are “so close” as to constitute an immediate hazard. Further, every driver “shall exercise due care” to avoid colliding with any pedestrian and take “proper precaution” upon observing any child or confused or incapacitated person on the road.

Because pedestrians and drivers typically share some degree of fault, the injured victim is sometimes charged with “contributory negligence.” Any portion of fault attributable to the claimant proportionately diminishes the award. Depending upon the allocation of fault, the injured party may nevertheless recover for pain and suffering, inconvenience and “economic damages” arising from the accident. This may include necessary medical and funeral expenses, the replacement value of lost personal property, past and future lost income, and “any other economic loss which would not have occurred but for the injury giving rise to the cause of action.”

If you were injured in an accident involving a pedestrian, an experienced Florida pedestrian accident lawyer can help. You deserve the maximum recovery possible, even if you were partially at fault. Chad Horowitz has helped thousands of people get their lives back after being injured in a crash. As a former insurance defense litigator, he knows certain angles and advantages not immediately apparent to other attorneys. Do not bother with anyone less experienced; Mr. Horowitz is THE ONE YOU WANT! Call (888) ONE-YOU-WANT (888-663-9689) to receive top-notch legal assistance today.